Richard Taylor

Educated in Australia, Richard Taylor worked as a jackaroo in the outback before studying marketing at university (and dropping out).

He worked in finance before falling into education by accident. In Australia, he set up and ran a successful educational MARCOMS agency and was an investor and director of several Australian start-ups before moving to San Francisco during the dotcom boom.

He then moved to London where he worked in Whitehall at the DfES Business Development Unit, set up MediaTaylor where he created the business intelligence publication the assignment report, he helped the team behind World Maths Day and set up the online education games business Tutpup (250,000 students signed up during the beta) which was sold to MindCandy).

In the last couple of years, he has been a consultant (e.g. for companies like TWIG), business mentor, public speaker, competition judge and early stage investor in edtech companies, including the award-winning Night Zookeeper. Richard spent four years on the Independent Monitoring Board of Wormwood Scrubs prison and, when not working in London, can often be found with paint and pencil in the more remote parts of the UK countryside.


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