There are 2 ways to participate in ed-invent

  1. Apply to run an ed-invent session in your school
    These can be either a 1-day, 2 x half-day or series of evening events. Our minimum requirement is that you provide the venue and at least 15 participants. They can be INSET or count towards CPD (by arrangement).
  2. Take our online course Virtual  ed-invent
    Virtual ed-invent aims to get educators to produce a case study for their edtech idea. We are flexible about how you do this but suggest a good model is to watch our videos, read some of the case studies and download the Virtual ed-invent  PDF. From this material and your own personal research, you submit your idea by email. These can be with a document (max 1500 words or the equivalent of 2  X A4 pages) or short (max. 120 second video). We will assess and provide feedback on these and will choose some to participate in our finals program (full details will be released in early 2015).