Virtual ed-invent

In response to requests from teachers who can’t attend our physical events we are creating a virtual version of ed-invent.

The way this will work is that applicants need to register via the website and work through some new materials and video, which we hope to have on the website by mid November (along with the existing videos of edtech entrepreneurs and the case studies).

Participants must then email their outline idea to either Richard Taylor or Alison Pearce and then submit their pitch for judging by the end of that month. You may work as teams or individually, however given you will have more time than participants at physical events, a higher standard will be applied to the judging of virtual pitches.

Your pitch must be either a 2-page document (.doc, .docx, .rtf or PDF formats) or a short video (3 minutes maximum on YouTube or similar). These will be judged by Richard and Alison, with applicants emailed a short précis of their observations and decision. Depending on the number and quality of the applicants, Richard and Alison may invite a person or team to participate in the Cambridge finals, however this is entirely at their discretion (the same standard applied to pitches at physical events).

Until we are able to add the new content to the website (mid Nov.) any virtual applicant will be entitled to a 20 minute telephone call or Skype conversation with one of the judges, to help kick-start their work.