pivot to

Start-ups are supposed to be agile and we are no exception. After launching as we soon found there was a real problem with discoverability. On Google, if you searched for invent-ed their system changed your search (and results) by default to invented.

We looked at several options but decided the best fix was to change our name to This means changing a whole raft of things on the website and backend, but we think it’s important enough to do immediately.

Typing in will get you to

I apologise for the inconvenience, especially to those of you who have been reaching out to your networks on our behalf.

The lesson to learn here are:

  • Check the SEO relevance of your name and then check it again (and again for the app stores)
  • For better or worse, Google dominate search and if it doesn’t work there you have a problem
  • Experienced people make mistakes, but when you do fix them swiftly

Now for the 500 emails to teachers who have signed up, our mentor partners and others, the working day just got a quite lot longer!