ed-invent @ St John’s Brighton

Dan Axson and Rachel Jones organised the first ever alumni-led ed-invent, which was held on a beautiful sunny Saturday at St John’s in Brighton.

One of the aims of ed-invent was to extend our reach by allowing anyone who had attended to run an event. Dan and Rachel (both previous ed-invent finalists), did an amazing job of coordinating the first ever alumni-led event. They organised everything from the venue to content, food and prizes. However they were also support by long-time ed-invent supporters, Paul Hutson and Mathieu Triay of Night Zookeeper.

On the previous Thursday evening I had met with Dan, Mat and Paul at the Night Zookeeper party at Wayra, where I gave them some ed-invent posters and tee-shirts. My plan was to travel down and back to Brighton by train without any bags, however being so inept at using The Trainline’s online booking system I ended up buying the wrong tickets and in the end it was cheaper and quicker to drive.

It was a great ed-invent and congratulations to all who participated, especially the winner Eylan Ezekiel as well as to our indefatigable supporters Maria Brosnan, Anna Pedroza, Kriss Baird, Oliver Quinlan and the winner of the first ed-invent final Derek Croghan.

For a more literate report about the day check out the Night Zoo Teacher blog.

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