Class of Brighton & Hove rocks ed-invent

Anna Pedroza blogs about ed-invent Brighton

There must be something in the sea air because even though it was cold and damp the buzz at the Brighton & Hove ed-invent workshop was incredible.

Hosted by The Student Room and supported by Digital Education Brighton many of the attendees already knew each other from Brighton TeachMeet and ideas came thick and fast.

We had two awesome winners.

Fit data

The brainchild of primary school Derek Croghan (Cottesmore St Mary Catholic Primary School), ably supported by Paul Platts ICT Coordinator for the city and primary teacher, this was a gem of an idea. Driven by a keen interest in PE and the rising obesity levels of the nations Fit Data gave children a way to gather their own health data and combined this with resources, games and advice to help them earn points for making healthy choices.

Sensor based learning

Primary ICT teacher Jane Waite had 100s of ideas plus a stinking cold. She pitched just one about using sensors to help very young children to improve their writing. They struggle to develop their motor skills and this idea used sensors to help them to model the shapes of letters in the air. The sensors were there to nudge them in the right direction.

We got excited about this idea because of its simplicity and also because we could see that sensors and teaching was a potential match made in heaven We love it.


We also had three impressive runners up that had the potential but just a little more working:

  1. Virtual classroom mentor – CPD delivered direct from the classroom. Taking the idea of Teachers TV to new levels this was about harnessing video to help teachers develop an evidence-based approach to their professional development. A great concept, we just need more detail.
  2. Collaboread – An online reading product that enables readers to collaborate with children tagging their own reading, undertaking tasks and winning points. We need to know more!
  3. Easy Buy – Identified that schools could save money by helping teachers to understand more about procurement. It also addressed the issue of fragmented budgets which can be a factor in large secondary schools by helping teachers to view what their colleagues were buying. This enables greater bulk buying and, therefore low costs. A very interesting idea that just needs to be refined a little.

Overall the quality of all the ideas in Brighton and Hove was impressive. Maybe the amazing offices of The Student Room added to the inspiration  – we loved the beach huts!


* Richard Taylor of MediaTaylor commented – ‘without Anna ed-invent Brighton simply would never have happened. Her support and enthusiasm were infectious as was her wise counsel during the whole day (particularly during the judging). This blog is another example of her outstanding support’.