Ed Invent Application Form

Please read and complete all sections

  • Applicants to ed-invent.com should be involved in education at a registered school, college or other educational establishment in England
  • We want anyone – you could be a classroom teachers, bursar, governor, SMT member, librarian, IT manager….anyone!
  • If selected you will be notified shortly after your application by email
  • There are limited numbers for each event and once filled we will have a first-come, first-served waiting list
  • We reserve the right to change dates and venues and will attempt to give applicants appropriate warning of any changes
  • In applying you are agreeing to fully participate in the ed-invent.com, to abide by the Terms and Conditions
  • There is no charge for any teacher to attend any ed-invent.com event
  • Some events will be provide with a basic lunch, but if this is not specified then you need to bring something to sustain you throughout the event
  • If you have any mobility, hearing or other requirements please let us know in advance
  • ed-invent.com does not cover travel, insurance, supply cover or any other related costs
  • There will be photography and video at events and all  participants must have agreed to the terms set out in the Image Release document attached to the application form
  • To attend events out of school on a week day, applicants must have prior consent from their Headteacher or School Governing Body. This may not be necessary for those applying for the events being held on weekends .
  • ed-invent.com is BYOD so please bring a laptop, tablet, phablet or 3/4G smartphone
  • WiFi will be provided, but remember many venues have wobbly connections and so having your own 3/4G access would be wise
  • If you have any queries please contact Richard Taylor at richard@mediataylor.com.