ed-invent 2013/2014 finals winners

18 ed-invent finalists participated in the two-day residential finals that were held at The Belfry near Cambridge over the weekend of March 28-30 2014.
After two exhausting days the winners were:

ed-invent-2nd-place-winner-1024x979 (1)

Thank you also to our generous and indefatigable mentors including:

  • Jenny Cook of Oddizzi (fantastic judge and mentor)
  • Ben Barton of Zondle (presenter edtech entrepreneur extraordinaire)
  • Edd Stockwell of Tutor Fair (IQ matches his height and guaranteed to make you smile)
  • Charlie Harrington of Knewton (US expat and bibliophile)
  • Kirsten Campbell-Howes of Soda Creates (co-founder of LEGup and hugely influential in UK edtech games scene)
  • Simon Walsh of Maths Doctor (and his soon-to-start employee Libby Mawhood)
  • Ray Barker (the most charming man in UK education?)
  • Steev Goodwin of Third Space Learning (geek extraordinaire (and magician)
  • Josh Davison and Paul Hutson of Night Zookeeper (role models for UK edtech startup entrepreneurs)
  • Oliver Quilnan of NESTA (most influential Tweeter in UK edtech?)
  • Hamish Brocklebank of Flooved (the most debonair man in UK edtech?)
  • Louise Rice of Touch Press (Richard’s personal manager)
  • John Roberts of edapt (freeclimber, marathon runner and allround very fit bloke)
  • Andrew Carrick of EdComs (MARCOMS guru and sage counsel)
  • Gerlinde Gniewosz of Ko-Su (mobile platform creator and serious brain box from Australia)
  • Josh Perry of ARK Schools (27 schools and growing!)
  • Kriss Baird of Technology Strategy Board (the £1.1m man of the moment)
  • Maria Brosnan of Day One Productions (BESA board member and kindest person in edtech)
  • Alex Goodenough from Big Society Capital (watch this space as they and their partners are looking at education and edtech)