Putting educators @ the ♥ of edtech

ed-invent came out of Richard Taylor’s involvement in the international edtech scene and specifically his involvement in helping organisingStartup Weekend Education London 2013.  This event highlighted the fundamental disconnect in how educators are involved in how edtech products and services are developed. So in 2013 with support from Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations (OCR), ed-invent was born.

ed-invent’s aim is to fill an important gap in the wider edtech ecosystem – the voice and experience of educators. Our goal is simply to help teachers think differently about edtech. We aren’t an incubator or investor and participants are free to whatever they like with any ideas they come up with. We will have achieved our goals, if participants leave ed-invent thinking differently about edtech and their role in it.

What have we achieved so far?

In 2013/14 we ran a series of 1-day events in Birmingham, Manchester, London and Brighton. Over 250 educators participated and 15 were selected to attend the first ed-invent finals weekend in Cambridge in March 2014. At this first prize (£3,000 cash) was won by Derek Croghan from Cottesmore St Mary’s Catholic Primary School for Striver a fitness tracking program and second prize (£1,000) was won by Martyn Coleman of King George V College for his ‘cold-storage’ data concept called Deep6. Since the finals we have run our first INSET training day  and helped with the first ed-invent alumni event that was organised by Dan Axson and Rachel Jones (held at St John’s Brighton).

Virtual ed-invent

We also created an online program called Virtual ed-invent for  educators who couldn’t get to events. The format is that  participants register online, download the Virtual ed-invent PDF and use some of the case studies and video to develop an idea. This is then submitted as a short (2 A 4 sides maximum) document of video (120 seconds maximum). Click here to see 2014 finalist, Rachel Jones’s video application. Each submission will be reviewed within 14 days and a small number will go into the running for our either a place at the 2015 finals of a £100 prize.


We are restructuring and relaunching ed-invent in 2015. Our first INSET event is due to be held in Feb. at Magna Academy in Poole. You can also still participate via Virtual ed-invent  If you have any queries please get in touch